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Today, New Black Nationalists [NBN] are pleased to announce that the South Africa Study Project [SASP] has been pushed out of the harbor to sea.  

The project is being undertaken in conjunction with the launch of the Fanon Global [FG] Movement. To facilitate this initiative, NBN has established this South Africa Study Project portal within its website.  

Since the ANC won political power in the 1994 elections, South Africa's struggle to eradicate the yoke of neo-colonialism has spawned multiple crises. Coalitions form and dissolve, stress fractures split political parties, Zimbabwe's refugee and governing crisis spills over its northern border, HIV and COVID-19 pandemics devastate veldts and urban centers alike. South Africa's liberation cosmos has hummed to the perpetual rhythms of crisis management.

Against this train of maladies, South Africa's radical Feminists, Afropessimists, Nationalists, Pan-Africanists, Marxist-Leninists-Maoists, Social-Democrats, Communists, Black Consciousness and Fanonists adherents, have jostled to influence the direction of state. 

Arguably, South Africa's ideological polyglot comprises the most well-read and battlefield tested practitioners of revolutionary theory on the planet. Likewise, the ANC's 110-year history defines case studies of national liberation organizations. 

Over the decades, the ANC has been both banned and legal. It peacefully petitioned for Black civil rights but also waged asymmetric guerilla warfare. It's leadership centers operated from exile in Lusaka, underground safe houses inside South Africa, and prison cells on Robbin Island--known as "The University."  

New Black Nationalists believe the length, scale, nuance, complexity, and strategic depth of the South African experience is without peer in the pantheon of Black liberation movements. 

For these reasons, the South Africa Study Project was undertaken, not just as an intellectual exercise, but a critical step to preparing for the revolutionary battles that lay ahead in the 2020's. The study seeks to achieve three objectives: 

1. To conduct a critical examination of South African national liberation theory and praxis that abolished apartheid and informed Black majority rule since 1994.  

2. To open a dialogue with South African activists, scholars, and groups on the vital questions impacting its past, present, and future liberation experience. 

3. To establish fraternal relations with and support active 'Fanonist' elements in South Africa and its diaspora.

Since the 1950s and and 60s, when most African nations won independence or national liberation wars to defeat colonial rule, we have witnessed a long procession of aborted and unsuccessful revolutions. In literally every instance, these post-colonial revolutions and independence movements have failed to dislodge the dominant influence of Western imperial powers. 

At this moment, we are witnessing the breakup of the post-World War 2 architecture of the Pax Americana imperial order. The deterioration of American economic, political, and military power is generating global uncertainty and chaos. NBN's analysis that American Empire’s accelerating toward an existential crisis and governmental collapse in the 2020s has been borne out by recent events. The January 6, White Nationalist coup that overran the U.S. Capitol, foreshadows the prospects of a civil war to come. 
The traditional Western European alliance is fracturing. Russia is a disruptive and malign force everywhere it ventures around the globe. And, China is aggressively challenging American Empire in every corner of the planet, especially in Africa. The international situation is fast approaching an inflection point from which there can be no return to the status quo ante.  

Under these circumstances, new spaces are emerging for revolutionary seizures of power. The unprecedented global Black Lives Matter 2.0 risings in the summer of 2020 has signaled the sunrise of a new era: the 'Lavender Revolution' is afoot.  

Processing the rich lessons of the South African experience will arm Black and other liberation movements' with novel strategies and theoretical approaches to their national struggles. We must not only leverage the opportunities to win the liberation against globalization's revamped neo-colonial designs, but sustain these victories across the Global South.

On behalf of the Fanonist stateless maroons of the New Black Nationalists Movement, we extend an open invitation to the global revolutionary movement to join us in this new collective venture. 

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South Africa Study Project
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​Welcome to Fanon Global's South Africa Study Project
"Freedom and the installation of a democratic government bring erstwhile liberators from the bush to the corridors of power, where they now rub shoulders with the rich and mighty.

It is in situations of this nature that that some former freedom fighters run the risk of forgetting principles and those who are paralyzed by poverty, ignorance and diseases; some then start aspiring to lifestyles of the oppressors they once detested and overthrew."

                                         Nelson Mandela
Book Review: The New Apartheid