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All persons born or living in the former United States of America and residing in the designated territories under the control of the Provisional Government of The Vesey Republic when it declares the establishment of a Black-led nation-state, independent city-state, or autonomous region, shall have the right to claim citizenship in The Vesey Republic. Citizenship will be an affirmative and voluntary act.

Within the jurisdiction of The Vesey Republic, an autonomous zone comprising a minimum of a quarter or twenty-five percent of the total population shall initially reside in an established Women-Led Autonomous Region. 

A Women-Led Autonomous Region shall be defined as a province in which a minimum of sixty-five percent of the elected national parliament or popular assembly representatives, provincial elected legislative, executive, and judiciary positions, and provincial local executive, legislative, and judicial positions are held by women.  

Subject to the certification of all registered citizens of The Vesey Republic, a Provisional Elections Commission shall recommend the boundaries designating a Women-Led Autonomous Region. The WLAR shall consist of no less than 47% of women and men commissioners. Individuals registering in any other gender category than men or women shall comprise the remaining 6% of commissioners.  

Following the designation of a WLAR, the Provisional Elections Commission will establish an interim timeframe and regulations governing population transfers in and out of the WLAP before a final certification of the provisional census is determined. The initial certification and population transfer process should not exceed five calendar months.  

To ensure that a sixty-five percent threshold of women elected leaders is met, a Provisional Elections Commission will establish a formula that weights each woman's vote. The goal of weighting women's votes is to establish in the aggregate that seventy-five percent of the total registered eligible votes may be cast by women. 

The formula of weighting women's individual votes assumes the designated Women-Led Autonomous Province will not initially represent a ratio of seventy-five percent women to twenty-five percent men voters.

Regional autonomy is broadly defined as the right to self-governance in all executive, legal, and legislative areas not contravening a sub-set of national law. Those areas of supreme national law would include functions like national defense, international treaties, the printing of currency and the like to be determined.  

The right to regional autonomy and self-governance shall include a guaranteed proviso in TVR's first constitution, stipulating those two years after The Vesey Republic's establishment, the Women-Led Autonomous Region shall have the right to exercise self-determination. The right to self-determination shall include the right to secede by a simple majority vote in a WLAR referendum.

Establishing a Women's Majority-Led Autonomous Region 
Hampton Park
Denmark Vesey Memorial - Charleston, S.C.
On Saturday June 8, 2024, the New Black Nationalist Network will release its Vesey Government Model for
a future Black nation-state. 

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Please come back and visit this page on June 8, 2024, for the final draft. You can also drop in at the new Vesey Republic of Letters page for commentaries and essays on creating a new Black nation-state. To contribute to the final draft please send your comments and links to:
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