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The Integrated Battlespace Doctrine - What is it? 

NBN's Integrated Battlespace Doctrine (IBD) articulates a strategic framework to defeat a Trump presidential candidacy in the 2024 presidential election and any subsequent attempts to overthrow the federal government by the force of arms. Its doctrine emanates from a dynamic threat assessment of the Black Commons' political, economic, and self-defense capabilities compared to Trump's MAGA-Verse forces.  

Battlespace focuses primarily on Trump's MAGA-Verse threat because he is the only Republican who can win the presidency in November 2024--that is if Joe Biden is the Democrat's nominee. NBN thus assumes Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee even if he is convicted of felony offenses prior to the general election. 

Further, Trump is the only Republican with the political infrastructure, a developed plan, and acolytes committed to installing a white nationalist, proto-fascist government. Although his persuasive powers are vastly inflated, he remains the one Republican who can influence the white nationalist StormFront to engage in terrorist actions and political violence as he did on January 6. He is the only Republican who could compel a handful of MAGA governors to secede from the federal government and possibly trigger a civil war. 

​For these reasons, Trump is a multi-faceted problem the Black Commons must solve. Voting and politics as usual won't get the job done. Trump is a Social Darwinist. Like his KKK father, he is an inbred white supremacist. He believes only the strongest survive and only strong white men have the right to rule. He is a predator who thrives on fear, intimidation, and violence. Trump is prepared to take his fight to the outer limits of civil war because losing means perishing in a federal prison for the rest of his life.  

The existential menace Trump presents to the Black Commons is public-facing in two directions. Both contemplate political violence as the midwife to capture or maintain state power. Neutralizing this dual threat will require a tri-furcated response that integrate a non-violent political strategy with an agile armed self-defense posture and blended contingency model that bridges the two polarities. 

​The Integrated Battlespace Doctrine is designed to achieve three goals.

-- Prevent Trump from winning the 2024 presidential campaign.

-- Suppress Trump and the MAGA-Verse white nationalist attempts to create a national authoritarian proto-fascist             government by violent extraconstitutional means and civil war.

-- Position the Black Commons politically to establish and defend through its armed self-defense capabilities a Black       nation-state, independent city-states, and autonomous regions that emerge out of the collapse and dissolution of         American Empire.  

Battlespace assembles a portfolio of assets, capabilities, battlefield opportunities, demographics, and a reading of the political state of play to build integrated political and self-defense options for the Black Commons. Trump and the MAGA-Verse's constant threats to launch a civil war if he is convicted, imprisoned, or loses the 2024 election needs to be demystified. Battlespace "games out' the most likely regime change scenarios MAGA-Verse forces might pursue to capture state power.

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The Integrated Battlespace Doctrine 
August 28, 2023
"The defenses of the colonized are tuned like anxious antennae waiting to pick up the hostile signals of a racially divided world. In the process, the colonized acquire a peculiar visceral intelligence dedicated to the survival of body and soul." 

Frantz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth