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 National Divorce: The Nexus Between Armed Self-Defense and Creating a Black Nation-State   


What is the National Divorce Concept?

The 2022 massacre of ten Blacks in a Buffalo store and the August 2023 killing of three Black shoppers in Jacksonville by white nationalist terrorists is ample justification for all Black communities to create armed self-defense networks. 

When former presidents and sitting governors' traffic in violent anti-Black hatred like campaign promises to fill potholes, it's time for the Black Commons to widen the aperture of its vision. Armed self-defense organizations and awareness is growing in Black communities, but it needs to evolve beyond a tactic to deter lone wolve assassins. Trump and his MAGA-Verse proto-fascists are baying for civil war and pointing toward the 2024 presidential elections to make it happen.  

Unless the Black Commons believe Trump's MAGA-Verse forces are bluffing, armed self-defense networks for all Black communities must become a strategic imperative. The Black Home Guard movement needs to expand, and quickly. To alert our communities to the danger and persuade our allies to support a "constitutionally protected" armed self-defense posture, the Black Commons needs a larger political framework to facilitate a nationwide conversation.

The concept of National Divorce provides a near perfect, multi-faceted and customizable framework to articulate the armed self-defense concept. 

National Divorce asserts that to avoid a bloody partisan civil war between Republican Red States and Democrat Blue States, an amicable agreement should be reached to partition the country into two separate sovereign republics. America's assets, resources, debts, and military weapons systems would be equally divided between a Red State republic and a Blue State republic. American Empire--the so-called greatest power to ever bestride the earth would cease to exist after just 242 years.    

Over the last decade, National Divorce has moved from the fringes of a novel Libertarian idea into the political arena among Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Secessionist movements for a variety of causes from preserving the environment to colonial state border disputes dating back to the 1700s exist in several states. Texit (Texas Exit) and Calexit (California Exit) are the two largest efforts advocating secession from the federal government. 

The January 6 Barristers Coup sparked even more interest in National Divorce across the country as increasingly larger sections of the body politic believe liberal Democrat Blue States and conservative Republicans Red States can no longer peacefully co-exist. 

Donald Trump's authoritarian regime change project professes to have no interest in splitting the country in two. Last year when QAnon space cadet Rep. Margarie Taylor Greene said Republicans should consider National Divorce as a solution to America's political divisions and looming economic catastrophe, Trump Lieutenant Steve Bannon criticized her saying, "Why divide the country when we can have the whole thing?"  

Trumphowever, would gladly accept being the authoritarian strongman of a downsized white American MAGA-Stan of 20 states, rather than losing the election, seeing his MAGA-Verse minions smashed by the army and FBI, and being thrown in prison to rot for the rest of his life.     

How National Divorce Works for the Black Commons and Black Nationalists 

National Divorce works for a Black armed self-defense movement and Black Nationalists in myriad ways. First and foremost, as New Black Nationalists asserted in our National Divorce series, any dissolution and partition of American Empire must include provisions for an independent Black nation-state. 

This demand is non-negotiable. Just as Czechoslovakia split into two new nations after the U.S.S.R.'s breakup, the essence of National Divorce is separation, self-determination--the right to form a new nation.  Within a wider framework of partitioning American Empire, a Black nation becomes one part of an overall settlement to deconflict the dissolution of America's failed nation-state. 

Expanding National Divorce to Include Sovereign a Black-Nation-State 

If white nationalists and Republicans want their own republic that's fine. So too, if the majority of Black people want to be part of a Democratic Party-led capitalist state we wish them well. Support for creating a Black nation-state is not the majority view of the Black Commons, but it has the support of a large and insignificant cohort of the Common.

 Like the Black slaves who fought against America for the British crown in 1776 and 1812, our fight is not to save America from itself.  But as outlined earlier in this document, provisions to designate territories that will accommodate majority Black nation-states and polities for 25% of the Black population of 35 million residents is our baseline demand. New Black Nationalists will also support negotiations for land for the Indigenous Natives, Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Independence, and Pacific Rim autonomous regions.

Making the Argument for a Peaceful National Dissolution of American Empire Rather Than Civil War  

National Divorce allows the Black Commons to make the argument that we are trying to prevent Trump and Republican seditionists from dragging the country into a long, bloody, destructive war. Thus, the Black Commons can seize the moral high ground as the voice of reason and peacemakers. The armed self-defense of Black communities who comprise only 13% of the population is not for offensive purposes, but to defend the Black Commons against openly hostile forces with a long and recent history of visiting violence against our people. 

By taking the lead on National Divorce, Black Nationalist and its Commons can shape the narrative and the proposals for a just peace and partition. As architects of a broadly democratic settlement that includes Indigenous Natives, Puerto Ricans and Mexican Americans, National Divorce can serve as a bridge for the Black Commons to platform a united front of like-minded forces.  

National Divorce and Building International Support for a Negotiated Settlement and Black Self-Determination  

Seizing the National Divorce issue will bestow agency on the Black Commons in the international community. When Trump won the Oval Office in 2016 foreign capitals around the world buzzed with high-level discussions and drafts of contingency plans to manage the international system if Trump withdrew the U.S. from N.A.T.O. Those same fears have been revived with Trump's 2024 presidential candidacy and international fears that Joe Biden is a spent force that could lose a rematch.   

Should Black Nationalists produce a thoughtful, strategically sound, and practical proposal for the peaceful and equitable dissolution of American Empire our movement would win invaluable international support for self-determination.  We should be mindful that any existential crisis of the federal government find will Chinese, Russian, and Middle Eastern players and intelligence operatives aggressively probing diplomatic and political channels to cut deals and peddle influence.   

If there is a dissolution of American Empire, the recasting of strategic relationships with Canada and Mexico will immediately emerge as critical foreign policy issues. It is not a coincidence that NBN's proposal recommend the eighty percent majority Black city of Detroit become an independent city-state or international city. Further, NBN proposed Michigan and part of Alaska's federally owned lands would become Black-nation states, or majority Black-led autonomous regions of Canada. Both these states share significant borders with Canada. The Detroit-Windsor Ambassador Bridge is the busiest multi-billion-dollar trade crossing between the two countries. Canada's aging population has created an employment crisis whereby Ottawa is looking for one million immigrants for its workforce. The Black Commons will need to pursue these types of aggressive initiatives to realize its dreams of creating a Black nation-state and polities. 

National Divorce and Black Reparations as a Comprehensive and Equitable Settlement is a Natural Fit

For the past few years National Divorce theorists have insisted with brio that American Empire's national debt, entitlements, business and defense assets can be equitably divided if the United States is partitioned into independent Red States and Blue States.  

Their enthusiasm evanesces however, when it comes to new Black, Hispanic, or Indigenous Native sovereign states and autonomous zones sharing the reallocation of assets. A Black nation with a nuclear weapon? Unthinkable? Think again. 

"How to" case studies like Canada's 1960s Quebecois independence movement that led to the enactment of provincial secession laws are non-existent when Black Reparations are mentioned. We're told 401 K's can be repackaged and made portable, but National Divorce advocates are bereft of formulas to calculate monetary compensation for decades of stolen Black slave labor. 

The Black Commons inherited the right to receive reparatory measures and compensation from the U.S. government for the enslavement of our ancestors from 1776 to 1865. Moreover, as Ta-Nehisi Coates argued in "The Case for Reparations", compensation is due for the reversal of post-Civil War Reconstruction and the financial and physical harm inflicted on Blacks from federally sanctioned separate-and-unequal segregation from 1877 to 1968. 

New Black Nationalists, support reparations for the descendants of Black slaves and Blacks born in the United States prior to 1970, as part of a grand settlement in constructing its nation-building project. Irrespective of the circumstances leading to the formation of independent, Black-led polities--be it American Empire's collapse, civil war, a voluntary or coerced National Divorce partition--reparations are a debt owed that the U.S. government will pay one way or the other.  

New Black Nationalists reject Democrat Party and Social Democrats' demagoguery reducing Black Reparations to a grab bag of social reform payouts. Free college tuition, tax credits, debt cancellation, small business funds, and technology transfers read like a congressional omnibus budget bill. It has nothing to do with creating an independent Black nation-state. 

Our concept of reparations is not solely fixated on dollars but far-reaching repairs to the multi-generational material and psychological damage visited on Black individuals, the Black Commons, its social structure and political institutions.

Foremost in the process of repair is the transfer of land to the Black Commons. Land is the enduring asset to create new independent sovereign states, autonomous regions, and independent city-states. Land invests the Black Commons with collective ownership, economic viability, and the foundation to determine our national destiny.

National Divorce activists are pre-occupied with secession and the reconfiguration of existing states. Black Nationalists starting point is an existing Black nation that is stateless and has a ubiquitous national demographic footprint. It is the U.S. federal government that Black Nationalists hold responsible for a reparation's settlement. The federal government denied the Black Commons the right to choose its citizenship by imposing the 14th Amendment on us, and they must be held accountable.

Programmatic Steps to Implement a National Divorce Strategy   

New Black Nationalist have published a four-part series on National Divorce and Creating a Black Nation-State that we commend for your reading. Before

​1) Instead of a binary division of the United States into two nations of Red States and Blue States, New Black Nationalists expands the template for a National Divorce accord. NBN proposes partitioning American Empire into a new concert of racial, partisan, ideological, culture-based, and confederated polities. These new polities can be generally grouped into five categories.  

Racial - Black, Indigenous, and Hispanic nation state and city-states 
Partisan - red, blue, and purple states
Ideological - Cascadia regional environmental state, Socialist republic
Cultural - Women/LGBTQ nation or city-states, autonomous regions
Confederated Nation - Seceding states forming a voluntary union  

2) A new National Divorce plan establishes two basic groups of polities that exit American Empire via secession or national self-determination. The first group is comprised of partisan (Red States and Blue States), ideological, and culture-based states seceding from the United States. The second group seceding states are racial and ethnic populations (Black, Hispanic, Indigenous Natives, Puerto Rican) asserting the right to national self-determination and autonomy.  

3) The right of states to legally secede is supported. Constitutionally speaking, the legal right of states to secede has never been directly decided by the Supreme Court. We hold that Chief Justice Chase's opinion in White v. Texas (1868) does not substantively refute the body of Tenth Amendment arguments proffered by states' rights advocates, nor elements of the Compact Theory articulated by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. 

4) All seceding states and nations/ethnic groups should hold popular referendums affirming by a simple majority vote, the people's desire to secede or exercise the right to self-determination or autonomy. 

5) Draft a uniform and reciprocal protocol to process population transfers for individuals wishing to leave one sovereign state to seek citizenship or legal standing in another state.  

6) Working with legal, constitutional, and international law experts, National Divorce advocates should draft a proposed bill to be introduced in Congress. The bill would outline a federal process for secession, similar to Canada's Clarity Act Bill C-20 which defined a federal process of Quebec's Secession. 

8) A De-constitution Convention or National Divorce conference should be called in the spring of 2024 to draft a consensus statement outlining the principles and goals of the National Divorce movement.

These recommendations represent an attempt to define a baseline and generate input, modifications, and additional proposals. 

The Integrated Battlespace Doctrine 
August 5, 2023
"The defenses of the colonized are tuned like anxious antennae waiting to pick up the hostile signals of a racially divided world. In the process, the colonized acquire a peculiar visceral intelligence dedicated to the survival of body and soul." 

Frantz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth